2020 PARIS 24th International Conference on studies on “Marketing, Humanities and Social Sciences” (PMHSS-20)

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Registration Fee

Payment of fees must accompany all registration forms. Your registration WILL NOT be confirmed until payment is received.

The conference organizer will not accept any bank charges (Local Bank charges and the foreign/intermediate Bank Charges) associated with the transfer of money. Please ask your bank Local Bank charges and the foreign/intermediate Bank Charges to you Bank specifically and add that amount while transfer.

Note: The Registartion fee are not Valid for the participants that have already paid


Early Bird Conference Fee            

Late Conference Fee         

Authors (Academician/ Non Student)* 225 USD 275 USD
Authors (Student)*       195 USD 250 USD
Coauthor/Member 195 USD 250 USD
Listener 450 USD 500 USD
Additional Paper(s)** 150 USD 175 USD
Extra Proceeding 50 USD 75 USD









Please Note that:

Author: Make a presentation on the conference and the paper will be published on the proceedings/journals.
Presenter: Make a presentation on the conference without paper publishing.
Listener: Participating in the conference only without neither presentation nor paper publication.

* One regular paper registration can cover a paper within 6 pages, the above charges are for the paper upto 6 pages and after that extra charge of USD 30 per additional page witll be there and long paper registration cover a paper within 8-15 pages, including all figures, tables, and references.
** One regular registration with one or more additional papers has only one proceeding book.

ONE Registration Fee Includes the following for the Registered author:

  • Welcome reception
  • Printed Name Card
  • Name card holder
  • Folder
  • Participation in the technical program
  • Printed Participation Certificate 
  • Printed Proceedings and CD of Proceedings
  • Printed Program Booklet
  • Coffee breaks on conference presentation day
  • Lunch on conference presentation day

Payment Method

1. Online Payment 
2. Pay by Bank Transfer

* The link for Credit Card payment and the Bank Information can be found in the registration form.

Registration Instruction for Publication of FULL Paper/Abstract

 1. If you want to submit a Paper/abstract,you are welcomed to submit your full paper/abstract to editor@drhss.org directly. If you like to print/publish the full paper then it is recommended that you should send the FULL Paper. Otherwise, if you like to publish ONLY the abstrct then send the abstract through email and mention in that email that you like to Print ONLY abstract in the printing proceedings. The abstact will NOT be made online as ONLY the full papers will be made online after the conference. If still, you do not want to make the FULL paper online that is also possible. Just tell using email  to

 2. Conference Committee will send out the notification after the review process.

 3. Authors whose paper are accepted should follow all the steps listed in the notification form.

 4. Send all the required files to us at editor@drhss.org

 5. Your registration will be confirmed if all the files are perfect.

Poster Presentation

"Please print the poster of A1 size (portrait) on light weight paper and bring the printed poster at the time of the registration to the conference venue

There are NO specific format/instructions for Poster preparation.  Make the poster with more figures, plots, graphs, tables to make it attractive. Please avoid excessive theory.

POSTER Printing Facility (Optional)

We can print the Colored POSTER for you of A1 Size sheet of light Material with additional charges of USD 50 each poster of A1 Size and that will be provided at the time of the conference. In that case, you need to email the matter of the POSTER to the conference secretary.  

Registration Instruction for Listener

   1. If you like to attend our conference as LISTENER then please email us at email id: editor@drhss.org  and write the conference name & dates in that email.

   2. The conference staff will email you the Registration Form at your email id.
   3. Finish the payment of Registration fee by Credit Card or Bank Transfer

   4. Send your filled registration form (.doc format) to us at editor@drhss.org (Before deadline).
   5. Your registration will be confirmed when the registration fee is received.

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